How to Not Work on Vacation: 6 Ways to Disconnect

Vacations should be fun and relaxing. However in today’s world, many find it difficult not to work. You’re not alone, though. Research by Money magazine shows 25 percent of adults do not use all of their vacation days, and a whopping 35 percent of Millennials work while on vacation, leaving them feeling “less productive when they returned.” But how are we supposed to not work on vacation disconnect from the world? Here are 6 things to do to make time off more productive to well-being.

Time to Disconnect: 6 Ways to Not Work on Vacation

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Unlink All Work Accounts

It may seem scary, but it’s an effective way to not work on vacation. Unlink your work email, chats, calendar, and anything else synced up to your phone and tablet. These things cause a constant distraction and force you to work. Before leaving, set an away message and refer emergencies to someone else. This ensures important issues get resolved and reduces notifications.

Stay Away From the Inbox

People love to check email. Statista shows that 44 percent of people in the U.S. and Canada check their inboxes one to three times a day. Meanwhile 18 percent check four to nine times a day.

It’s hard not to quickly take care of something, but it’s necessary to let go if you want to enjoy vacation. No one wants to return to hundreds of emails, but it won’t take long to get through them, and it’s a good way to ease back into work. Instead of checking while on vacation, try skimming the night before returning to work or designating someone to act in your absence.

Remember Work Will Wait

If you work full time, you know it seldom lightens up. Keep in mind the work you left behind will patiently wait for you. It will collect itself in your workspace until you return. If you can delegate work while traveling, try to reassign a few things before you leave. This gives you peace of mind and lightens the load.

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Make Plans

If vacationing with kids, your schedule is pretty booked. However, if you’re alone, with friends or a significant other, it’s easier to wing it. Not having a plan is fine, but you may feel bored. Planning activities, such as sightseeing, golfing, hiking, boat tours and shopping, creates long-lasting memories and keeps everyone away from devices. For a more low-key trip, bring books, a journal or a favorite TV show.

Only Use Social Media to Share

Use social media, but have fun with it. Only sign in to post fun photos, share funny moments and make followers a little jealous. Don’t check all day to see what’s happening. Instead, show everyone what a vacation should do: give you a break. Take and post lots of pictures. Your coworkers, friends and family will love scenery pics, selfies with big smiles and interesting food posts.

Choose a New Place

This is where we can help. Browse new destinations, and plan a trip. A new place may give you different things to do, inspire you to try something new, such as base jumping or parasailing, and refresh the mind and body. Try new things to break the monotony, and when you return, you’ll have amazing stories to tell.

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