How to Make a Vacation Rental Smarter: Tech Trends and Tips

Smart home systems have given homeowners more control over homes and power over human error such as forgetfulness. With so many choices available, it can be difficult to know which systems are user-friendly and where to invest. Below is how to make a vacation rental smarter — plus some trending items and ‘pays-for-itself’ investments.

Make a Vacation Rental Smarter: Benefits and Tips

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Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Wink Hub

These devices rank among the most comprehensive smart home systems — and the most widely used. This makes it easier for guests to operate. Not only can owners program the device to respond to voice (Alexa, what time is check-out?), but these devices can sync to control other devices.

Smart Locks

Gone are the days of providing a physical key for guest use. Smart locks allow vacation rental hosts to create custom access codes for guests, cleaners and repair technicians while also tracking who enters and exits the home.

Noise Monitors

These tiny devices, like those from NoiseAware, offer big protection from rental property damage. In addition to alerting hosts when noise and occupancy levels in the rental rise above acceptable, they help keep parties out and neighbors happy. With ever-increasing restrictions on short-term rentals, this is powerful technology that supports community harmony.

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Smart TVs

With integrations to streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, cable box, and other video devices, guests have more entertainment options than ever. Easy app access also means guests can log into their own accounts to watch their favorite programming. In some cases, owners may be able to “cut the cord” with cable service providers for additional savings.


Ever popular with homeowners for their energy and cost-savings, remain diligent in controlling remotely and avoid adjusting systems too much to quickly recover. Also remember that air flow is a good thing, so tweaking thermostats while the home is vacant might save some money. Always refrain from turning the systems off.

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Additional Ways to Make a Vacation Rental Smarter

Is the rental home already smart? Try some outside-the-box ideas. Examples include incorporating tech with programmable features like an aromatherapy diffuser that activates at check-in for a welcoming fragrance upon arrival, touchless soap dispensers, and automatic blinds.

Then consider the new top-trending smart countertop oven, which can cook, bake, defrost, dehydrate and proof dough just by scanning food labels. Other popular choices that up the amenity count include smart soundbars for a theater-like experience, Bluetooth karaoke, gaming systems like Nintendo Switch, and exercise equipment, such a Peloton bike or fitness mirror.

Electric Car Stations

Ready to take it to the next level? For around $1,500 (before eligible tax credits) you can install an Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger at the rental property. This in-demand amenity provides an edge over short-term rentals while providing an eco-friendly additional revenue stream. Ok2Charge has integrations with iTrip allowing for a seamless guest experience that will ultimately pay for itself.

Keep reading for more tech amenities that guests need while traveling.

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Article by: Valerie Goodman, iTrip Operations Account Manager