How to Choose Where to Go on Vacation: Ask These 5 Questions

With thousands of vacation destinations located throughout the U.S., deciding where to go on vacation can seem daunting. Plus, there’s transportation costs, dining out, accommodations and things to do to take into account. Take a deep breath. We’re here to help. If vacation decisions have everyone at a standstill, ask the following and choose the vacation destination to suit your needs.

5 Questions to Help Choose Where to Go on Vacation

Why are you traveling?

Start the vacation search by identifying why you want to go on vacation. Want to explore a new place or veg out and do nothing for a week? Is there an urge to explore an exciting new city or do you want to immerse in nature? Does a particular attraction or activity appeal to everyone? Identifying vacation goals is a good first step to choosing a vacation destination.

How much time do you have?

Decide how much vacation time to take. Many people prefer at least a week, but some take as many as three weeks throughout the year. If work or life doesn’t allow a full week, consider a long weekend. Although prices increase over holiday weekends, it’s also a good time to visit a new place and celebrate like a local. In addition, many destinations hosts festivals, events and other seasonal fun things to do.

Once the vacation days are blocked out, dedicate some time to actual travel. This will help decide if a plane ride or road trip best suits the time constraints.

What is the budget?

When all added up, a vacation can costs thousands of dollars. Decide how much to spend on important things, including: accommodations, activities, food and travel expenses. For conservative budgets, consider a place within easy driving distance versus flying. Book a vacation rental instead of hotel room, as they tend to offer better amenities for a better price. Choose a couple of things to do instead of packing a week full of activities.

Once an initial budget has been decided, add and remove things as needed. For example, families may opt to buy groceries instead of dining out. Don’t forget to look for discounts and special offers for nearby attractions, which can save visitors hundreds of dollars. Read about iTrip Vacations® and Xplorie.

Are there attractions for everyone?

When planning solo, this usually isn’t an issue but many travel with family and friends. Here comes the conflict. Some prefer laying on the beach all day, while others want to ski and hike, or tour the local scene. The trick is to pick three destinations and decide on the one that best caters to everyone.

Look at area indoor and outdoor attractions, family-friendly activities and places people can explore on their own. For example, dad may want to play golf in the morning, and in the afternoon mom can enjoy a spa day. Or the whole family can spend time at an amusement park. Think of the options and select a destination that has everything you need.

Should I ask for recommendations?

If all else fails, ask for recommendations. With the power of social media and networking, word-of-mouth can go a long way. Ask for suggestions from close friends, family and coworkers. You may end up with more options than planned, but pay attention to the ones that keep coming up. Either pick the most popular or choose a place that’s lesser known. These people can also offer an insider’s look into the destination and what to expect.

These questions should help decide where to go on vacation. Once the destination is picked, search for vacation rentals and start planning!