At-home Holiday Fun: 7 Things to Do With Loved Ones

A holiday home can be an everyday place or a special retreat. Whether visiting others, at home with guests, or simply enjoying some R&R with a someone special, you may need ideas to keep everyone happy and entertained. With that in mind, we wanted to share some inexpensive things to do and help create long-lasting memories. Read on for some at-home holiday fun ideas and start planning.

At-home Holiday Fun: Top 7 Activities to Enjoy With Loved Ones

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Play a Game

Break out the video game console or a board game or two. Games are a great family activity. They help bond siblings in co-op games, and stir up friendly competition. Some holiday-related games include: Christmas-opoly, Christmas Trivia Game, Happy Holidays and Holiday Fluxx.

Tell Stories

With busy schedules and responsibilities, it’s hard to keep in touch. The holidays offers a time to tell crazy stories or reminisce about the past. Pick a large room, grab some hot cocoa or wine, and share stories with each other. Remember when Katie got her head stuck in the stair rails? We do, too.

Watch a Movie

Snuggling up to watch a movie provides a way to relax and calm kids down after a fun-filled day. Sometimes it’s difficult to get everyone to agree on a movie, so here are some classic Christmas movies for kids: A Charlie Brown Christmas, Frosty the Snowman, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, It’s a Wonderful Life, Gremlins, Elf and Home Alone.

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Play Outside

Snow or no snow, families have a blast playing outside. Before guests arrive, stock a football, sledding device for snow and Frisbee. Hide-and-seek keeps large groups busy, or grab a group and talk a walk. Tip: Playing outside also helps burn calories after a big meal. Read other healthy holiday eating tips.

Create a Photo Booth

Everyone loves to take pictures, so create a photo booth at home. Just gather dress-up items, a small area for pictures, and smiles and silly faces. Dress up items range from clothes and shoes to Halloween costumes and accessories. For more traditional photos, designate an area near the tree or fireplace for family photos.

Sing Together

Break out the karaoke machine to show off singing skills. If there’s not one, grab a smartphone or tablet, and use a playlist. YouTube is a good place to start, and singers can select a long playlist of favorite songs. Families can sing together, or make their own karaoke stage in the middle of the family room. Who knows where the next star is.

Host a Contest

Everyone loves to win something. And a contest gets the whole group involved. Have a gingerbread house decorating contest where families work to decorate the best house. Or set a jar out for cash collections, and a jar for names, then pick winners. You’d be surprised how money motivates participation and how big the pot can get. Tip: Let kids play, too. They can have their own cash prizes!

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