Guide to Roller Coasters at Universal Studios in Orlando

Roller coasters attract adventure lovers from all over, and Universal’s two parks offer several rides to get adrenaline pumping. With massive drops and face-stretching speeds, these coasters help make the park one of the best in the world. They also give riders a full day of thrills and fun. But it can be hard to decide which ones to ride first, so here’s a guide to the most popular roller coasters at Universal.

Top 6 Roller Coasters at Universal in Orlando, Florida

Incredible Hulk Universal


Go Green on The Incredible Hulk

The line starts indoors with sirens and lights warning Dr. Banner’s experiment has gone wrong. Once aboard the coaster and harnessed in, the Hulk accelerates from zero to 40 mph in two seconds. The ride launches riders upward 150 feet and has seven inversions and two subterranean trenches. It looks a little intimidating from the outside, but it’s tons of fun if you like thrill rides.

roller coasters at universal

Raven Petty

Join Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

Beginning with a tour of Hogwarts, this replicated castle ranks in the top attractions at Universal. Part site-to-see and roller coaster, the tour takes visitors to an indoor coaster with 3-D screens. From there, fly with Harry on his broom and come in-close contact with familiar mystical creatures from the series. Fun for all ages, this ride is a must.

Tip: Due to popularity, get to the park as soon as it opens and head for Hogwarts first. It’s on the far side of the park from the entrance.

Dragon Challenge, Universal

Stephen Dettling

Take the Dragon Challenge

Two coasters in one location. Pick your first dragon – either a Chinese Fireball or Hungarian Horntail – and get ready for a high-speed ride. Each dragon is a different ride, but both have inversions, corkscrews, a Cobra roll and vertical loops. Try this coaster after the Forbidden Journey because the lines move pretty quick, and they’re not as long. Also, snap pictures of some of the props while waiting in line. The Weasley’s family car (Flying Ford Anglia) is a popular choice.

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit

Flickr user: Jeremy Thompson

Rock Out on Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit

Music mixed with speed creates a ride that’s hard to forget. Towering 17 stories over the park and reaching a top speed of 65 mph., riders love picking their own music before the ride. The coaster is fast with lots of turns and tricks, and has the world’s first non-inverting loop.

Tip: Place personal items in the lockers and hang onto shoes, so you don’t lose anything!

Revenge of the Mummy

Loren Javier

Escape the Revenge of the Mummy

Fireballs, beetles and mummies surround guests as they plummet into darkness. Inspired by the movie series, this ride reaches speeds up to 45 mph., and many Egyptian hieroglyphics on the wall spell out real words and warnings. Darkness tries to consume riders, as the Mummy tries to steal your soul. Reviewers say this is one of the most fun high-production rides at this park. Additionally, it’s a good middle ground for people who love and don’t love roller coasters.

Dudley Do Right's Ripsaw

Christian Benseler

Drop Into the Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls

More thrill ride than coaster, this water flume takes riders deep below the water level. It was the first flume ride to do so as well. Puns and jokes mixed with water fun give everyone a way to cool off on hot days. The 75-foot drop travels below an exploding dynamite shack, and you will get wet.

Tip: Stow belongings accordingly, and enjoy the ride!

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