Popular Water Activities in Laguna Beach, California

Laguna Beach houses some of California’s most popular beaches in Orange County. The area offers 7 miles of Pacific coastline, with plenty of pristine beaches, ample space and hidden coves. Its location also makes it possible for vacationers to enjoy the water — whether through an action-packed excursion or simple nature walk. Check out the top water activities in Laguna Beach.

Venture Outdoors and Try These Water Activities in Laguna Beach

Grab a Board

Surfing and skim boarding rank among top activities. The coves along Laguna Beach’s coastline have some of the best waves in southern California. Surfing enthusiasts often head to Thalia Street, which attracts all ages and locals. Surfers should note the area is a rock reef with the strongest rip in the area. Another spot is St. Ann’s Street where the area is a rock reef, with one sandy -bottom section.

Tidepools in Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach also offers great tide-pooling opportunities. Situated in the rocky outcroppings, discover an amazing display of marine life. All of the tide pools inside the city limits are located in a protected State Marine Conservation Area, so please don’t take anything.

During low tides, Heisler Park Reserve has a flat rocky area covered with sea anemones — creatures camouflaged in shells to protect themselves when out of the water. At Rock Pile, depending on the time of year, visitors may see an octopus. Other must-sees include urchins, hermit crabs, striped shore crabs and other marine life. At Bird Rock, enjoy tidepooling while seeing red urchins and sea cucumbers.


Fishing enthusiasts have opportunities to catch bonito, halibut, blue fin tuna, mackerel, bass, rockfish, sand bass and yellow fish. The only fishing location in Laguna Beach is Crystal Cove State Park, as all other areas are fish-free zones protected by law. Dana Wharf Sportfishing, in nearby Dana Point, offers fishing charters for small and large groups.

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