Fort Lauderdale Vacation Rental Company Brings Value to Community

In 2022, Rene Grajales opened iTrip® Fort Lauderdale, a full-service property management company that services short-term rentals. This decision was influenced by a need for something more meaningful that provided him and his family with security and contributed to the local community. Read more about this Fort Lauderdale vacation rental company and its local owners.

Fort Lauderdale Vacation Rental Company Creates New Opportunities

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Photo: iTrip Fort Lauderdale

“After a successful career in sales, I realized I needed to pursue a new path to provide a financial legacy for my children,” said Grajales. “One of our three children is autistic, and my corporate paycheck had an expiration date. My wife and I wanted to build wealth that can survive us to provide for our children and allows us to spend more time with them. We are living our best lives and living the American Dream!”

The Fort Lauderdale vacation rental company proudly manages short-term rentals in Fort Lauderdale, Lauderdale Beach, Lauderdale by the Sea, Las Olas Beach, Sunrise and Weston. A few services include listing the rental on more than 80 websites, guest screening, cleaning, maintenance and collecting guest reviews. All of this generates more potential revenue for short-term rental homeowners and investors.

Short-term Rental Management in Fort Lauderdale

“The most rewarding thing about helping homeowners is giving them peace of mind that their valued investment is treated as if it was our own,” explained Grajales. “We treat every property as a personal investment. We find helping families and vacationers create memorable experiences extremely rewarding. They remember their vacation forever, and we were part of that.”

In addition, short-term rentals have become a hot topic in recent years. Some communities have even created new builds and residential areas for the primary use as a vacation rental, a.k.a. airbnb. Plus, short-term rentals cater to business travelers, work-from-home families, corporate groups traveling together, health-care services and traditional vacations. Fort Lauderdale is no exception.

“Florida is a natural vacation destination, and Fort Lauderdale increases in tourism every year,” said Grajales. “For communities, converting properties to short-term rentals increases our property value and the value of the neighborhood. This makes the entire city more valuable. As a Fort Lauderdale resident and business owner, I want to see my properties increase in value and contribute money into the local economy.”

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Short-term Rental Opportunities in Fort Lauderdale

Are they worth the time investment? That’s where Rene’s experience comes in. iTrip Fort Lauderdale provides rental homeowners with proven marketing strategies, integration with booking sites such Vrbo, and automation that only iTrip’s software can provide. Meanwhile, customers receive boutique-level care from a local manager.

“It is the best of both worlds and unique to our business model,” added Grajales. “Our family has experience relying on property management companies for homes we own in Florida, Panama and Puerto Rico. We know what it takes and appreciate the peace of mind we receive as someone else does the legwork. Our team does the same in Fort Lauderdale.”

This team approach even extends to the day-to-day tasks and operations. Matty Soler, Rene’s wife, assists with preparing each home for photography and guest arrival.

“One of the things I love most is that I work side-by-side with my extremely knowledgeable wife who has been in home interior design for over 20 years,” said Rene. “I am learning so much from her every day. Matty has a keen eye to make rental properties desirable and is often called “the house whisperer”.

To get a free rental revenue forecast and learn more about iTrip Fort Lauderdale, contact Rene at 954-526-1455 (local) or email at [email protected].