FlipStream App Simplifies Vacation Rental Turnover Process

The FlipStream app – designed by iTrip Vacations® – is a mobile-ready application that allows iTrip property managers to monitor the entire turn-over process from their smartphone. The app provides users easy access to everything they need to oversee the process in real-time, regardless of their location.

“We are excited to release this technology to our franchisees and their cleaning, inspection, and maintenance contractors in the field,” says Todd Morrison, co-founder, iTrip Vacations. “We created FlipStream to bring technology, control and communication in real-time to the most complex piece of operations: the guest turnover or ‘flip’. This valuable tool connects to our proprietary iTrip Admin Property Management Software, allowing our property managers to gain control and automate the moving parts associated with a vacation rental property flip.”

How FlipStream Works for Vacation Property Managers

flip stream app itrip vacations

FlipStream’s Mission Control Dashboard enables iTrip Vacations’ franchise property managers to oversee the progress of their guest flips and turnovers. From here, managers inspect rentals, track cleaning and maintenance, and rate staff performance. With the dashboard integration into iTrip Vacations software, all listings and booking information import into the app.

Once all data is imported, managers monitor activity, rate companies, take photos, report damages and problems, and prioritize based on proximity. FlipStream also time-tracks assignments and uses GPS to re-sort assignments based on location and priority. Cleaning companies, inspectors and maintenance contractors also have access to the app in order to manage and communicate from the field.

The FlipStream app is available to iTrip property managers on Apple and Android smartphones and iPads.

FlipStream Features for Managers

flipstream app itrip vacations

FlipStream users benefit from an 80 percent time savings over paper forms and physical inspections with the app. Its custom features provide managers one place for all the tools they need to complete the turn-over process. Here are the app features vacation property managers enjoy:

Photo Ability

The app houses a powerful camera that allows users to take photos and include them in the cleaning and inspection notes. Managers can upload a total of 16 inline photos per item, each time-stamped and auto-captioned. Additionally, cleaning and maintenance teams can take pictures of any concerns and/or damages, and safely store them for later reports.

Rate the Work

Managers have the ability to rate their cleaning and maintenance contractors, and have access to a timer that shows real-time progress. This enables vacation rental managers to keep accurate track of conditions and costs. In addition, the ability to rate work informs other employees which companies to use and motivates partner companies to deliver high-quality service.

Special Comments

Need to leave a special request? Remove an extra email, text or call, and add a comment in the item and save. This feature provides an easy way to communicate with contractors, cleaners and other employees who may inspect the property.

GPS Monitoring and Prioritizing

The app also integrates with the device’s GPS. This enables users to smart-sort and prioritize items based on importance and location. In addition, users can rearrange cleaning and maintenance tasks for contractors, place items at the top, and reassign tasks based on who is in the area. These features help ensure that important tasks are handled first in a timely manner.

Back It Up

Don’t worry about losing data. FlipStream backs-up all inspections and reports, so managers never worry about losing valuable information. Users also have a tech support team available 24/7 to answer questions and address functionality issues.

“iTrip Vacations continues to lead the vacation rental management industry with ground-breaking software products and systems that automate and streamline the complex world of vacation rental management, ” Morrison says. “The FlipStream app and Mission Control Dashboard involved over 18 months of development. You can bet our Technology Engineering team is hard at work today creating tomorrow’s next technological innovation for our franchise managers and staff.”

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