5 Sun Valley Tips for Traveling to Idaho for Skiing

Home to the first chair lift, Sun Valley, Idaho, has been providing world-class skiing and accommodations to all ages and income brackets for more than 80 years. With the Friedman Memorial Airport just a short drive away, and enough chair lifts to transport almost 30,000 skiers per hour, Sun Valley is ready for skiers. Follow these Sun Valley tips so you are ready, too.

Sun Valley Tips: Plan a Ski Vacation in Utah

Plan as Early as Possible

Sun Valley has restaurants, nightlife and lodging for every budget. However, those who wait until the last minute may spend more money and more time standing in line. Prep before ski season begins to save on airfare, lift tickets, accommodations and gear rental. Many sites offer early-bird discounts to help save even more. Plus, planning early gives everyone something to look forward to in coming months.

Make a List, Check It Twice

Start the vacation to-do list in advance, and add easy-to-forget essentials like enough lip balm and extra pairs of gloves. Many details go into planning, so create a full list and designate responsibilities as needed. Reduce stress by reserving gear, lodging and dining as needed. Assign someone to help pack, make calls and build an itinerary.

Budget and Save

Money often holds people back from taking a vacation. Ensure the funds are there by setting a budget and saving a little every week. Those who plan months in advance have more time to save a decide what to do. Costs to consider include: airfare, accommodations, skiing, dining, shopping and rental cars.

In addition, many find Sun Valley vacation rentals more affordable than hotels. Consider searching rental homes, which may also have more space, laundry facilities, hot tubs, ski-in/ski-out access, fireplaces and children’s rooms.

Check Gear

Prior to vacation wash clothes, coats and ski bibs, and check for tears and broken zippers. Waterproof items and audit ski equipment for needed repairs. Those traveling long distances can rent equipment in Sun Valley and have it waiting. This also reduces luggage fees.

Watch the Weather

Few things can delay a vacation like weather. A storm can delay or cancel flights, make road conditions treacherous and create cranky travelers. Keep up with the weather and plan accordingly. Those renting a vehicle may consider one that handles well in snow and ice.

Once you arrive, check out these Sun Valley ski tips that help get everyone ready for the slopes.