A Day of Dining in Gatlinburg: 5 Restaurants for Short Trips

Not everyone can take a week-long vacation. Sometimes a weekend trip provides the perfect getaway and doesn’t take as much planning or money. Gatlinburg, located in east Tennessee, provides an ideal location for just that and features some restaurants visitors can’t miss. Whether taking a romantic vacation or road trip with friends, we rounded up a few of our favorites. It’s a day of dining in Gatlinburg just for you.

Dining in Gatlinburg: 5 Restaurants to Try in a Day

Breakfast: Log Cabin Pancake House

Log Cabin Pancake House ranks as a must for breakfast in Gatlinburg. Enjoy delicious pancakes or a Southern-style feast. Specialties include country ham and biscuits, omelets and sweet treats. Order a stack of flavored pancakes or thin crepes topped with homemade sauce. Log Cabin even has healthy options — such as whole-wheat pancakes — and specials for children and seniors.

Breakfast/Brunch: Pancake Pantry

One of Tennessee’s first pancake houses, Pancake Pantry has served the Gatlinburg area for over 55 years. Find 24 different types of pancakes and crepes, or order specialties with eggs, omelets and waffles. Pancake Pantry also offers healthy options and offers a full lunch menu for those who prefer to eat late.

Lunch: Hungry Bear BBQ

Hungry Bear BBQ ranks as one of the best restaurants in Gatlinburg. This restaurant offers a remote location on East Parkway and is known for tender barbecue and friendly staff. Enjoy smoked chicken, pulled pork sandwich, ribs or smoked beef brisket. In warmer months, sit outside and enjoy a casual lunch with loved ones.

Dinner: Best Italian Café and Pizzeria

This longtime Gatlinburg restaurant has served Italian family recipes for over 30 years. Best Italian Café and Pizzeria serves pizza loaded with fresh toppings with a crust tasty enough to order as a side item. In addition, try the mozzarella sticks, pasta dishes and calzones. Don’t forget to order the garlic rolls, an item that has made the restaurant famous in the area.

Dinner: Calhoun’s Restaurant

Calhoun’s Restaurant offers American favorites in a rustic mountain atmosphere. Find burgers, prime rib, steaks, pork, chicken, southern fried catfish, baked beans and more. Calhoun’s has multiple locations in Tennessee and is best known for ribs and Tennessee-style barbecue.

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