Escape the Cold: Best Ways to Get Away When Cold Weather Hits

Before winter technically hits, sometimes it can feel like it’s already in full swing weeks prior. With that, comes people trying to escape the cold anyway they can. Whether for a day or an entire week, taking time to get away from the winter blues could be exactly what you need to get through until spring. Here are just a few ways to escape the cold when it decides to stick around.

Easy Ways to Escape the Cold and Recharge

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Take a Cruise

Those who want to visit a warmer area should decide what kind of vacation they are looking for before planning. Make sure resorts have all the amenities such as a pool, fitness center, restaurants and entertainment.

If staying in one place sounds too traditional, then consider booking with a cruise line. Cruise lines offer great options for people who want to escape frigid weather, but also crave a little more adventure than most resorts tend to offer. No matter which option, traveling away from home may be the perfect solution for getting rid of those cold-weather gloom.

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Stay Close to Home

If travel conditions aren’t too bad, some might just want to take a trip down to the nearest shopping destination or downtown. A little retail therapy may help distract everyone from the snow, so they focus on warmer things — like a new coat or scented candles.

Not into shopping? Try visiting a nearby spa or sauna. A relaxing massage or soothing body treatment may help rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. Plus, it provides an easy and affordable way to escape the cold without breaking the bank. Then take advantage of fun things to do both in the winter and year-round around town.

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Treat Yourself at Home

Sometimes travel isn’t an option, and sometimes people just want to stay home. If that’s the case, cuddle up by a fireplace, which can feel just as nice and much less expensive than traditional vacations. While sipping a tasty beverage, such as hot chocolate or wine, make a list of books to read and movies to see. Winter may provide the best time finish a few of those.

To mix it up, try some new hobbies. This also adds some freshness to life and helps some feel less trapped. There are several indoor hobbies — like playing an instrument, painting, baking, cooking or writing a book. Do whatever sounds fun and makes you smile. Who knows? You might just find something to do year-round.

Getting away from frigid weather can not only help fight viruses and infections, but it can provide a mental pick-me-up when winter blues really set in. Find methods to escape and ways to embrace seasonal changes. There’s a whole community of people trying to find new ways to escape the cold.

Not sure where to go? Find things to do in destinations throughout North America. There are plenty of warm-weather retreats!