Honeymoon Rentals: 5 Reasons to Book Private vs. Hotels

When it comes to the perfect honeymoon experience, tastes vary. Some newlyweds look for adventure or for the bustle of a new city, while others want to get away from it all. Whether diving deep in the ocean, scaling a mountain or relaxing, there is one thing all newlyweds want: an exceptional accommodation. Historically hotels have served as the primary provider, however couples find many benefits to booking honeymoon rentals over hotels. Here are a few.

Honeymoon Rentals: Why Couples Prefer Them Over Hotels

Location Freedom

Location is everything. Whether looking for easy access to area attractions or a secluded spot on an island, couples want options. Due to size and restrictions, hotels do not offer the same location options as vacation rentals. Those who book a rental for their honeymoon can choose studio apartments overlooking a downtown scene, houses with direct beach access, condos with private beaches or ski-in, ski-out, and even rentals in quite neighborhoods. The location is only limited by the imagination.

More Privacy

Couples typically only take one honeymoon, so why choose anything that may jeopardize this once-in-a-lifetime trip? Vacation rentals help avoid the hassles associated with traditional hotel stays. An upscale condo, cabin or house provides the privacy couples need without the thin walls, potential parties and influx of large groups. A private rental allows couples to experience the comforts of home without worrying about other guests.

Space, Bedrooms and Bathrooms

In the event that someone needs space — whether to rest from a sunburn or simply sleep in longer — vacation rentals offer more space to do so. Most hotels only offer one room. However, most vacation rentals have multiple bathrooms, full kitchens, additional rooms, entertainment areas and outdoor spaces.

Imagine breakfast in bed or enjoying coffee or a workout before the day’s activities. In addition, one person can nap while the other reads, watches a movie or plans for a romantic activity — all while not disturbing the other person. And let’s not forget each person having their own bathroom, which provides additional benefits.

Save Money

For honeymooners, saving money is a big deal. Although it’s a vacation, if couples pay out-of-pocket, those costs add up quickly. Take the nightly room rate, then factor in dining expenses and fun activities. Most hotels do not provide more than breakfast, forcing couples to pay for dining out and additional activities.

Vacation rentals offer the opportunity to dine at home versus eating out every day. Some vacation property managers also offer free activities through companies like Xplorie. These discounts can save couples as much as $200 to $400 per day on things to do. Instead of a discount coupon, guests receive free admission to the area’s top attractions, tours and services.

Next consider the room rate compared to the amenities. A suite in an upscale hotel in Maui can cost thousands per night, whereas there are plenty of upscale vacation rentals in Maui that only cost a few hundred per night and offer more amenities. Couples can then use the money saved for their new home, another trip or an emergency.

Resort-living Options

Many couples want all-inclusive options and resort access. Here’s the good news: Several vacation rental properties are located on resorts. Couples will find indoor and outdoor pools, fitness equipment, hot tubs, steam rooms, onsite dining and personalized service. However, those who want a remote spot can find it while having access to a local manager in case of a problem. Those who book honeymoon rentals also receive better service because they are not just another room, they are a guest in someone’s rental home.

Get started on your next life adventure and browse vacation rentals. And find additional rate savings in these top destinations.