Delaware Property Management Franchise Gives Owner Career Flexibility

Jeremy Swerling, owner and manager of iTrip Vacations® Delaware Shores, has a diverse career. On top of running his successful Delaware vacation property management franchise, he also visits Illinois regularly.

“My professional career has been a combination of real estate investment/property management and part-time classical musician,” Swerling says. “I actually conduct an orchestra part-time in Danville, Illinois.”

However as an iTrip franchisee, Swerling can set his own career goals and build a business that suits his lifestyle. It all started in 2010 after the real estate market crashed, an event that left several real estate professionals all over the U.S. wondering what to do next.

Meet iTrip Vacations® Delaware Shores

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“When the real estate market crashed, I needed a way to earn money while continuing to work for myself,” he says. “After submitting property management resumes for several months with no luck, iTrip found me through a third-party broker, and it sounded perfect.”

iTrip Vacations® Delaware Shores delivers a full-service property management program to vacation rental investors at a lower cost than competitors. Swerling manages all the bookings, maintenance and customer service. He also works one-on-one with his homeowners, ensuring they maximize their investments.

“The biggest advantage we have as iTrip franchisees is our ability to provide better service to our owners and guests,” he says. “Since my goals only require me to have about 30 properties under management, I can provide superior personalized service. Even if I hire an assistant, that’s still a more direct relationship between myself and my owners and guests than my competition.”

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How Swerling Built His iTrip Vacations® Management Franchise

Delaware Shores attracts visitors who are looking for miles of beaches, fun things to do and family-friendly vibes. Guests also have opportunities for bicycling, fishing, golf, tennis, kayaking, boating, amusement parks, sightseeing and shopping. In addition, Delaware Shores houses one of the largest collection of outlet stores in the country, and it’s tax free.

The area works well for Swerling’s franchise business due to its home sizes and varied locations.

“The Delaware Shores area features single-family detached homes, typically with three to six bedrooms or more, as opposed to condominiums with one or two bedrooms,” he says. “The revenue generated on these homes is multiples greater than on smaller condos. This means I need to manage fewer properties to meet my financial goals, which allows me the freedom I need to carry on with other pursuits.”

Additionally, the state of Delaware requires rental property managers to obtain a real estate license, which led to Swerling becoming a broker, providing him more insight into the industry. However, as many entrepreneurs know, it still takes dedication, hard work and persistence.

“For acquiring owners and figuring out the most efficient way to do it, I use direct mail with telephone follow up and owner referrals,” Swerling says. “The calling can seem like a challenge, but it’s like writing a college paper. The hardest part is starting. Once you get past that, it’s off to the races.”

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