Connecticut Coast Rental Property Managers Offer Best Service

Tony and Jenna Petiprin started iTrip® Connecticut in March 2020, right at the beginning of the Covid pandemic. While the timing wasn’t perfect, the couple chose to direct their efforts into their growing family and new short-term rental property management business. They were now Connecticut Coast rental property managers.

“At the time, we needed to give up the corporate lifestyle, which required extensive overnight travel and other commitments that no longer made sense,” said Tony Petiprin, iTrip Connecticut co-owner. “Instead, we wanted to focus on our young, growing family and build a business we could be proud to represent. iTrip connected those dots for us. Now we work from home and travel when we want.”

Freedom for Connecticut Coast Short-term Rental Owners

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In addition to creating more freedom for the Petiprins, iTrip Connecticut also helps short-term rental owners and investors get their time back and stress less about their properties. The company prepares homes for guests, markets on the best travel sites in the world, and operates like a larger short-term property management company with one significant difference. When owners and guests call with questions or requests, they speak with Jenna and Tony – not a call center or automated system.

“Jenna loves to entertain and delight our guests,” shared Tony. “Every guest’s stay is an event that she makes memorable. She ensures guests receive a personal note and have everything they need for their stay. Our guests know we appreciate them staying with us.”

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Homeowner and investor clients receive the same five-star service once they list with iTrip Connecticut. The company has established processes for maximizing revenue, increasing bookings, gathering better reviews, and providing detailed reports. These Connecticut rental property managers oversee the entire process such as listing the rental, collecting payments, overseeing cleaning and maintenance, and paying taxes.

“The most rewarding part of short-term rental property management is meeting and helping homeowners and investors create a stream of income that fits their wants and needs,” explained Tony. “We offer a complete turnkey boutique operation our clients love. Short-term renting can provide more benefits than traditional renting options, and we love helping owners and investors. There is a ton of flexibility for owners.”

Local Support for Connecticut

Being a small business in Connecticut also gives the Petiprins a chance to create relationships within the community and support the local economy. By professionally managing short-term rentals, iTrip Connecticut helps generate local tourism dollars, partners with other companies along the coast and promotes the state as a top destination.

“We love Connecticut and know most people don’t wake up saying, ‘Let’s go to Connecticut,’” said Tony. “We take that as a fun challenge. Connecticut has four seasons and always surprises us with its abundant beauty, wildlife, nightlife and adventure. Then there are the best universities, breweries, restaurants and cultural attractions. As local residents and business owners, we want everyone to experience our New England charm year-round.”

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Quality Work Pays Off

Since March 2020, iTrip Connecticut has continued to grow in the number of properties managed and the amount of revenue generated each year. Despite the pandemic, travel restrictions, and other obstacles, the team is optimistic about short-term rentals in Connecticut and the industry’s growth.

“One of our favorite things to see is pushing a new rental ‘live’ and waking up the following day to see a booking,” said Tony. “It’s such a rush! It repeatedly proves that if there is a booking in the area, our properties will get it and shows that our marketing strategies work.”

These strategies include a robust digital marketing plan including email campaigns, advertising and social media. Plus, iTrip Connecticut has established relationships with the largest online travel agencies (OTAs), which showcase listings to millions of potential guests per year.

“We love seeing our properties on the best travel sites in the world—Marriott, Google, Airbnb, Vrbo, Expedia,, and many more,” explained Tony. “Potential guests from all over the world come to Connecticut and stay at our property. That is cool. Plus, we make it a five-star experience. A win-win for everyone!”

List a short-term rental with iTrip Connecticut or call 203-590-1068 to connect with these Connecticut Coast rental property managers.


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