Clearwater Property Management Company Serves Community, Guests

Kevin Jenkins, owner and manager of iTrip Vacations® Clearwater, provides more than high-quality Clearwater property management services. He creates long-lasting relationships built on trust. iTrip Vacations® Clearwater provides vacation rental homeowners with services that outshine the competition. Read on to learn more.

Clearwater Property Management Builds Long-lasting Relationships

Since 2010, Jenkins has spent his career helping people plan vacations while increasing his owners’ investments. iTrip Vacations® Clearwater manages all the bookings, cleaning and maintenance response and scheduling, inspections, and revenue tracking.

“The biggest reason for my success at iTrip is the relationships I have developed with local real estate agencies,” says Jenkins. “I’ve become the guy who helps them close the deal. The agents find the buyers for the properties. I make those buyers comfortable with making that investment because they feel like they will make money with me.”

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With iTrip Vacations® Clearwater property management services, homeowners work less and increase their net rental income more than 25 percent. Vacation property owners who switch to iTrip Vacations® Clearwater receive free premium marketing, free light maintenance, free photography and videos, and a no-rotation system.

“The main reason we are better than our competition is the exposure we get the property owner for their rental property,” says Jenkins. “Due to iTrip Vacations®’ network, we have corporate agreements with major listing services. My competition simply cannot afford to advertise as much as I can.”

Free advertising and marketing provided by iTrip Vacations® includes listings on more than 85 worldwide sites, a custom Web page, email marketing campaigns, social media exposure and custom content. Read more about listing a property with iTrip Vacations®.

iTrip Vacations® Clearwater Partners With Local Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents who work with iTrip Vacations® become part of the Real Estate Referral Program. The program offers participating real estate agents a referral fee, free advertising on, no limits on earnings and a partnership with a respected brand. All free of charge.

iTrip Vacations® has more than 100 destinations across the U.S. and Canada, each with a local property franchise that works to satisfy vacation property owners and travelers. iTrip Vacations®’ guests receive 24-hour customer service, quotes in less than two minutes, accurate descriptions, and access to listings and bookings via any device.

“My competitors would have to spend their entire revenue stream to match me,” says Jenkins. “Because of that, my occupancy is significantly higher. Thus I make more money, and my property owners are more loyal.”

Want to learn more? Contact iTrip Vacations® Clearwater and learn how we help homeowners and real estate agents.

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