Florida Children’s Museums to Check Out While on Vacation

Family vacations provide an opportunity to see new things while spending quality time together. Florida is packed full of fun things to do, and children’s museums provide year-round fun and learning opportunities. They also serve as a retreat when temperatures heat up or on rainy days, so little ones still have a good time. If planning a vacation soon, check out these Florida children’s museums and what they feature.

Top 7 Florida Children’s Museums for Indoor Fun and Entertainment

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Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples (Naples)

While vacationing in Naples, spend a day at Golisano. Kids have fun at Mother Nature’s House, which teaches them about weather and how it affects people. The Farm emphasizes the importance of Florida’s agriculture industry and educates kids about farming. The Banyan Tree encourages kids to climb the massive tree and care for stuffed pets at each level.

Miami Children’s Museum (Miami)

Education meets entertainment at Miami Children’s Museum, with activities ranging from banking to world music. The Sketch Aquarium is an exhibit where kids’ physical artwork comes to life at this interactive virtual aquarium. This is the first exhibit of its kind in the U.S. The Castle of Dreams pulls kids into a fantastical journey, while the World Music Studio teaches the role music plays in our lives.

Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science (Miami)

Largely aimed at children, this science museum in Miami gives visitors an up-close look at science and life sciences. Exhibits include Outer Space, Under the Sea, a Sea Lab and an Energy Tracker, where kids learn about energy as well as renewable energy sources.

Science and Discovery Center of Northwest Florida (Panama City Beach)

This discovery center focuses on the world of science through summer camps, science labs and animal encounters. Open for more than 40 years, the museum caters to younger children and provides them a place to learn about science, technology and history.

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My Jewish Discovery Place (Plantation)

Celebrating Jewish culture, this museum teaches visitors about Jewish life, history and values. Through interactive exhibits that bring families together, kids will find plenty to do. Children can find artifacts during an archaeological dig, hop on Noah’s ark and listen to recreated ark noises, as well as learn kosher laws and about Jewish life. My Jewish Discovery Place is located in Plantation near Fort Lauderdale.

Great Explorations Children’s Museum (St. Petersburg)

Morris the Explorasaurus welcomes young kids to discover the world around them through hands-on activities and exhibits that promote learning and creativity. Some things for kids to do at Great Explorations are managing a pizzeria at BellBrava’s pizza restaurant, discover wonders in the Explorer’s Cove and learn the importance of caring for pets at the Pet Vet exhibit.

Glazer Children’s Museum (Tampa)

Families vacationing in Clearwater or St. Pete should take a day trip to Glazer Children’s Museum. More than a dozen museums – such as ArtSmart, Design + Build and Water’s Journey – allow kids to discover how things work and open up the world around them. For example, the Airplane exhibit flies kids over famous landmarks in New York and San Francisco without leaving the museum.

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