Charleston Ghost Tours Bring History, Stories to Life

Charleston ghost tours explore dark and spooky places around this historic city. Some are so scary they are suited for adults only, and most tour operators recommend leaving small children at home. Visitors should also prepare to experience strange and unexplained events, potential ghost sightings, and learn about the colorful, rich history. Read more about these Charleston ghost tours if you dare.

Top Charleston Ghost Tours for a Spooky Night Out

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Join the Pack

One of the top companies hosting Charleston ghost tours, Bulldog offers visitors four different tours. The Haunted Jail Tour explores one of the city’s most haunted buildings, the Old City Jail. Guests walk the halls and into the cells of some of Charleston’s most dangerous residents who resided here from 1802-1939.

If prisons are too scary, check out the Ghost and Dungeon Walking Tour. This 90-minute tour takes visitors to haunted streets, cemeteries, back alleys, churches and the Provost Dungeon. This haunted spot also once housed Revolutionary War prisoners. Other Bulldog tours include the Darkside of Charleston walking tour and Ghost and Graveyard.

Believe the Superstitions

Black Cat Tours‘ owners Rebel Sinclair and Mark Jones host two Charleston tours: the Haunted Charleston and Wicked Charleston. Open to guests ages 13 and older, the owners strive to entertain and explore the paranormal and romance of the city.

The Haunted Charleston Tour guides small groups by lantern into haunted places, while telling stories about ghosts, Gullah culture, architecture and UFOs. The Wicked Charleston Tour delves into the city’s darker history.

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Meet Old Charleston

Pleasing Terrors, created by local ghost tour guide Mike Brown, receives praise as one of the best Charleston ghost tours. He and his team delight guests with a historical ride featuring both fact and fiction.

The Old Charleston Ghost Tour begins in Washington Square Park every day at 7:30 and 9:30 p.m. During their journey, visitors see some of the most haunted graveyards and sites as well as hear stories only available on this tour.

Ghost Hunt

The original Ghost Hunt tour has run for more than 10 years and is only open for guests 12 years and older. Get ready to walk by candlelight, and hear about the famous ghosts who roam Charleston’s streets. This tour includes trips to Provost Dungeon, dark alleyways, haunted buildings and graveyards. Due to potential ghost sightings, this tour is for adults only and not the faint of heart.

See The Ghosts of Charleston

The highlight of this 80-minute tour is a nighttime visit to the Unitarian Church Graveyard built in 1772. Packed full of supernatural visitors and tales, The Ghosts of Charleston offers different stories each night. Even though real-time haunts only happen a few times a year, many guests claim to have seen or heard unexplained things.

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Take the Ghost Walk

Join a Charleston native to learn about 18th- and 19th-century Charleston. Another favorite among Charleston ghost tours, Ghost Walk lasts 90 minutes and features new and old stories. Visitors may even hear strange noises or see ghosts walking around the area. This tour fuses supernatural tales and historic charm only found in this Southern city.

Tour the Harbor

Book with Sandlapper Water Tours to experience the Ghost and Pirate Harbor Tour. This boat tour takes visitors to places not seen on foot, where they hear supernatural tales while riding on the dark waters. Stories include pirates, wars, storms and cultural superstitions. Online reviewers say this is a relaxing way to see Charleston from the water while listening to spooky tales.

Take a Walk in History

Walks in History offers a 90-minute ghost tour that includes stops at Old Citadel and College of Charleston. Paranormal authors Geordie Buxton and Ed Macy tell stories about mysterious hauntings at the college, a local hotel, a Methodist graveyard and other sites. Reviewers rank this experience among their favorite tours and advise guests to listen, so they don’t miss anything.

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