Road Trip Foods: Top 5 Family Snacks for Your Next Vacation

When planning a family vacation, parents know an enjoyable ride with children means including the right snacks. If planned well, these snacks keep hunger at bay, while allowing parents to travel further without excessive stops. However, choosing the right snacks for your family can seem tricky. To provide some ideas, here are some popular road trip foods kids enjoy.

Road Trip Foods: Top Snacks for Kids


Nuts offer a healthy option for kids because they’re packed with protein. They can also be purchased in small packages, added to homemade trail mix and easily shared. Pack their favorites, or buy mixed nuts for a little variety. They may help fill them up longer, too.

Fruits and Veggies

Help them get their daily nutrition with some fruits and vegetables. Many, such as blueberries and strawberries, are the perfect size for small hands. Other popular fruits include apples and bananas. For easy handling, cut vegetables into strips. Top options include bell peppers, carrots, snap peas and celery.


Skip the potato chips and serve crackers. Animal crackers will keep their mouths and imaginations busy. For more flavor, try cheese-flavored crackers or crackers made with cheese or peanut butter. For another healthy option, buy whole wheat or graham crackers. In addition, many cracker companies make gluten-free and/or all-natural options.

Granola Bars

Perfect for kids and adults, granola bars include much of what a person needs to satisfy hunger. There are hundreds of options, many of which have whole grains, dried fruit, chocolate, nuts and seeds. Buy a variety and let kids pick a new one each time.

Roll-up Sandwiches

If going on a longer trip, make a few sandwiches with tortillas. Take a tortilla, add meats, cheeses or spreads, and roll to close. Store in a closed plastic container or freezer bag, and distribute as needed. Some ideas include sliced deli meat, cheese, Nutella, cream cheese, seed butter, lettuce and avocado. Prepare them the night before to grab and go.

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