Branson Zipline Adventures: Musts for Thrill-seekers

Branson’s location in the Ozark Mountains makes it a top spot for adventure. Visitors love hiking, biking, fishing and rock climbing, but the area also offers several places to soar through trees. No matter how tame or action-packed the journey, these Branson zipline adventures keep people active and exhilarated. Check out the top picks.

Branson Zipline Adventures for Outdoor Lovers

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Branson Zipline Wolfe Mountain

Located in the Wolfe Creek Preserve, Branson Zipline of Wolfe Mountain offers seven zipline tours ranging in thrills and adventure. Those new to ziplining enjoy the 1.5-hour Flying Prospect Canopy Tour, which has four ziplines and seven sky bridges. Although no experience is required to zipline, this option suits those new to the activity or short on time.

For a half-day of outdoor fun, try the canopy adventure combo. This tour lasts nearly four hours and features eight ziplines, 10 sky bridges and one free fall. The free fall allows guests to fall vertical for 100 feet. All tours take place on Wolfe Mountain and guides are available. Other tour options include nighttime ziplining adventures, guided walks and hikes, and gemstone mining.

Adventure Ziplines of Branson

At Adventure Ziplines of Branson, these Branson zipline tours range from 200 to 2,000 feet, with most lasting around two hours. The company offers seven ziplines and three swinging rope bridges.

In the summer, families can also zipline at night. Two guides are assigned to each guest, ensuring everyone stays safe and comfortable. To amp up the adventure, add an ATV tour and see the mountains in a new way.

Indian Point Zipline Adventure Tours

Indian Point Zipline Adventure Tours is located across from Silver Dollar City, a top amusement park in Missouri. With six ziplines, Indian Point Zipline Adventure Tours offers a fitting adventure for those visiting the park or looking for an extra activity.

In addition, the company offers a more affordable option. After ziplining, don’t forget to ride the hydro water slide. The attraction costs $12 per hour, and visitors can ride solo or in groups on large floats. The hydroslide provides a great way to cool off on a hot summer day.

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Parakeet Pete’s Waterfront Zipline

Ranked as one of the best Branson attractions, Parakeet Pete’s Waterfront Zipline offers a quick zipline ride over Lake Taneycom. Parakeet Pete’s is located in Branson Landing, the city’s entertainment district.

This zipline offers views of downtown Branson, the lake and people, and is safe for all ages. Get an all-day pass and have unlimited zipline rides as well as access to the steampunk balloon, which rises 200 feet in the air.

Zip Line USA

Zip Line USA, located in nearby Reeds Springs about 14 miles from Branson, offers one of the largest Branson zipline adventures in the area. Its main tour lasts 1.5 to two hours and includes nine ziplines measuring 250 feet to 3,250 feet. Each tour starts off with a bunny hop, which allows guests to warm up.

In addition, Zip Line USA prides itself on its user-friendly experience. There are no towers to climb, and a 4×4 bus delivers every guest to the top of the course. This option is also located in a remote mountain area, free from traffic, focused on nature and situated on 120 acres.

Start planning an action-packed Branson vacation and end the day with a Branson dinner show.