Best Travel Apps in 2012 for a Stress-free Vacation

Downloading the right travel apps before leaving for vacation can turn travel challenges into triumphs. Armed with problem-solving apps, guests can relax and enjoy every moment of the trip. While there are thousands of apps, some help reduce travel stress and keep everyone organized. Here are some of our recommendations for the best travel apps:

Best Travel Apps in 2012 for a Stress-free Vacation

Google Maps: Get directions to local restaurants, shopping, attractions and more. Store directions for places you visit frequently. Enter start and stop locations, and Google Maps will show how to get there.

WeatherBug: Trying to decide between a day at the beach or a trip to the museum? Check local weather forecasts on WeatherBug before planning the day.

Free Wi-Fi Finder: Use this app to find the nearest Wi-Fi hot spot.

Gas Buddy: Need to gas up the car for a day trip? Find gas stations and compare pump prices on Gas Buddy.

SitOrSquat: Invaluable if traveling with small children. Use this app to locate bathrooms in a hurry.

AroundMe: Find what’s in proximity: gas stations, parking lots, urgent care centers, ATMs, drug stores, restaurants, dry cleaners, etc.

Yelp: Find great restaurants and other services and view user ratings and reviews.

Kayak: Fast, reliable and easy to use, Kayak offers comprehensive flight and fare searches. Find the best car rental deals.

TripIt: Consolidate confirmations and manage all travel plans.

FlightTrack: The perfect companion app for TripIt, FlightTrack provides continuous flight and gate updates.

Tip: Many vacation rental owners leave a guest book with helpful information about local restaurants and attractions. This is the place to look for hidden local gems and top restaurants.

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