Beaver Creek Kids Activities: 8 Ideas for Summertime Fun

Beaver Creek, located south of Avon, Colorado, offers vacationers ample outdoors activities and a friendly vibe. Families find a welcoming atmosphere and one of the top kid-friendliest ski resorts in the U.S. However, parents shouldn’t overlook all the summer activities for kids. Whether visiting for a few days or a couple of weeks, children stay entertained and active here. Check out the top Beaver Creek kids activities for summertime fun.

8 Beaver Creek Kids Activities for Summer Adventures

beaver creek kids activities museum

Beaver Creek Children’s Museum

Located at Beaver Creek Resort, kids enjoy learning and exploring at the children’s museum. At the museum, all ages can build structures with different materials, create working models, dress up and more. Part of the museum is the Beaver Creek Children’s Theater group, which has delighted guests for over 30 years. The group provides free family-friendly entertainment outdoors on the plaza.

Want to see a show? Head to the plaza on Wednesdays-Fridays at 11 a.m. Admission to the museum is free and open Wednesdays-Sundays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Jump on Bungee Trampoline

This action-packed activity combines bungee and bouncing. The bungee trampoline safely straps kids into a harness, so they can soar high and bounce higher. Kids can also try flips and see scenic views as they jump.

Multiple trampolines are located in the area and a professional staff supervises. Tickets are around $14, but families will get a better deal if they purchase a three-day or five-day pass.

Climb a Wall

The outdoor climbing wall offers a safe and exciting activity for all ages with several routes to the top. All climbers are secured in a belay system, and the on-site staff helps visitors overcome different holds and shares climbing tips.

In addition to a good workout, the wall also helps kids feel accomplishment as they reach the top. Each family member can climb the wall for $14 each, or select it as an action pass option.

beaver creek kids activities cookie

Indulge During Cookie Time

Beaver Creek ranks as one of the friendliest family destinations in Colorado. Part of that reputation is due to the free cookie time held every day at 3 p.m. Local bakeries serve thousands of cookies per day, providing a break for the family or tasty way to end an action-packed day outdoors.

Go Gem Panning

Another favorite among Beaver Creek kids activities is gem panning. Kids enjoy the great outdoors while they search for rocks, gems, fool’s gold, arrowheads and more. This options enables kids to work solo or together to find special items. Visitors have several gem panning stations, so the whole family and siblings can enjoy this activity together.

beaver creek kids activities ice skate

Try Ice Skating

Can you ice skate in the summer? Yes, in Beaver Creek. Located in the center of the village, families enjoy cruising the Beaver Creek’s outdoor rink.

The rink opens from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., perfect for an after-dinner activity and fun way for kids to release some energy before bedtime. Admission ranges from $5 to $15, depending on age and skate rentals.

Let the Ropes Course Challenge Them

One of the most recent Beaver Creek kids activities is the ropes course. The course offers safe challenges for children ages 3 to 12, and features a Bonsai design with a continuous system. Kids will experience six different elements, and guides help ensure they stay safe with harnesses and helmets. Tickets cost about $15, and this activity is on the list on the multiday passes.

Play Mini Golf

Beaver Creek houses two golf courses, but kids not into the full experience can practice their short game at the 18-hole mini golf course at Adventure Center. Play putt-putt outdoors and enjoy challenging holes set against stunning mountain views.

This option is also great for the family and promotes friendly competition. Beaver Creek’s mini golf course is included in a multi-day pass, or admission costs around $15 per player.

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