Beaches in the Golden Isles Showcase Diverse Natural Beauty

Nestled along Georgia’s coastline, the Golden Isles consists of barrier islands that showcase some of the most stunning beaches in the Southeastern U.S. From tranquil settings to vibrant marine life, these beaches offer a perfect escape for both adventure and relaxation. Read more about the best beaches in the Golden Isles and plan a memorable getaway.

Best Beaches of the Golden Isles and How to Explore Them

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Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island

One of the most iconic beaches in the Golden Isles is Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island. Famous for eye-popping driftwood sculptures, this beach provides a serene setting great for photo ops. The driftwood, shaped by time and tides, creates an atmosphere perfect for long walks, photography or basking in the beauty of the Georgia coast.

Great Dunes Beach, Jekyll Island

For those seeking family-friendly fun, Great Dunes Beach on Jekyll Island is the perfect destination. With wide shores and gentle waves, this beach provides an ideal playground for families. Things to do include playing beach volleyball, sharing picnics or relaxing with a good book.

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East Beach, St. Simons Island

Known for its expansive shoreline and family-friendly environment, East Beach offers a popular destination for sunbathing, beach volleyball and water sports. With a pier and nearby restaurants, visitors have plenty of fun activities and entertainment. Plus, the beach is renowned for its lighthouse, providing a backdrop for selfies.

Little St. Simons Island Beach

Want to avoid the crowds? Head to Little St. Simons Island Beach. Accessible only by boat, this peaceful spot is surrounded by maritime forests and marshland. Nature lovers will appreciate the diverse ecosystem, and birdwatchers can observe coastal birds in their natural habitat.

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Gascoigne Bluff, St. Simons Island

While not a traditional beach, Gascoigne Bluff on St. Simons Island offers a different waterfront experience. This historic site provides a scenic backdrop for picnics, fishing and birdwatching. While exploring, visitors may even notice how the oak trees draped in Spanish moss add a touch of Southern charm.

Coast Guard Beach, Little St. Simons Island

Accessed by boat, Coast Guard Beach on Little St. Simons Island offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This beach is surrounded by maritime forest and marshland, providing a retreat into nature. In addition, this spot is a haven for wildlife lovers, with opportunities to watch dolphins, sea turtles and coastal birds.

Gould’s Inlet, St. Simons Island

Nature enthusiasts will love Gould’s Inlet, a tranquil beach on St. Simons Island. This destination offers a retreat for birdwatchers, as the tidal marshes and sandbars attract different species of coastal birds. To spend the day, outdoor enthusiasts should plan for kayaking and paddleboarding adventures.

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