Bay Area Renaissance Festival Gives Clearwater Visitors Chance to Step Back in Time

A trip to the Bay Area Renaissance Festival in Tampa — near Clearwater, Florida — transports vacationers to another time and place when knights in shining armor jousted to win the attention of fair maidens. Lords and ladies in period costume stroll the grounds of a recreated English village of the early 1500s, while street performers delight visitors with juggling feats, bards recite stories set in rhyme, minstrels sing randy ballads, and a sword fight breaks out from time to time.

Bay Area Renaissance Festival Overview

It’s all part of the fun at the annual Bay Area Renaissance Festival open every weekend in mid-February to late March, rain or shine. This weekend-only event delights guests for seven themed weekends from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The whole family will have a blast!

Just a short drive from our Clearwater vacation rentals, Bay Area Renaissance Festival ranks as a must-see experience. Visitors are invited to dress in costume — typical vacation fashion is equally acceptable — and join the family-centered fun. Exchange banter with eccentric residents of the Village of Fittleworth, have a fortune read by a gypsy, or browse shops filled with exotic wares made by artisans. Don’t miss the human combat chess match, and one of the highlights is the live armored jousting presided over by the King and Queen of the festival.

No visit to the Bay Area Renaissance Festival would be complete without a roasted turkey leg washed down with a mug of mead. Craving something more traditional? Clearwater vacationers will also find plenty of food to delight their palates. Just before leaving Merrie Olde England to return home, stop by the sweet shop for a few gourmet goodies. They’ll make a tasty addition to the family’s next beach picnic.

In addition to food and fun, visitors also enjoy live entertainment on 12 stages. Hear pipes and drums, see bands in period dress, comedians, and bird and dance shows. Other activities, such as a pub crawl, also occur for an additional fee.

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