Airbnb Listings: How to Rank Higher in the Algorithm

Airbnb has gradually become one of the top private accommodation listings sites in the world. Its platform reaches millions of travelers every day, making it a viable option for property management companies to reach a broader audience. However, what does it take for listings to rank higher than others? Keep reading to learn about Airbnb listings and what to do to help properties appear higher in search.

8 Factors That Affect Airbnb Listings and Rank

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Airbnb’s algorithm looks at over 100 signals to decide on listing order, and not all are weighted equally. One thing is certain: Above all, the algorithm focuses on guests’ interests and experiences. Here are the highlights:

User Behavior

User behavior and easy-booking influence the listing. The algorithm looks at how often someone clicks on the listing, how often potential guests contact the manager/owner, the number of booking requests acceptance and the instant book option. According to Airbnb, the instant book option gives listings a small boost and adds convenience for the guest, which enhances their experience.

Competitive Pricing

Travelers want a good value. Airbnb offers a smart pricing tool that helps listings stay competitive. For more savvy managers and owners, research the area and set a competitive price based on amenities and seasonality. Avoid pricing too high or too low, and stay within realistic expectations of the area and time of year.

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Listing Quality

Looks are everything when it comes to vacation rental listings. Each listing should have bright, high-quality horizontal photos. Accurate and professional photos attract more clicks, which boosts the listing higher in search.

5-Star Reviews

Online reviews have become a top driver for consumers. In order to receive a higher search result on Airbnb, at least 80% of the property’s reviews should be 5 stars. There are several factors that contribute to reviews, such as customer service, cleanliness, response times and overall quality of the accommodation. Make sure everything is clean, in working order, and any issues are handled promptly and professionally. High-quality service is key to a good review.

Low Cancellation

Property managers who list on Airbnb should complete at least 10 trips in their listings per year. In addition, they should rarely – if ever – cancel a confirmed reservation. Both of these criteria also factor into the Superhost designation, which places a badge on the listing and may generate additional promotion through Airbnb.

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Wish Lists (Saves) Help

If travelers save listings to their wish lists, those listings will eventually move up in search. The site also uses wish lists to help prioritize listings to personalize the search experience. Consider this as potential guests research for the best deal. Ensure the listing follows best practices, states a fair price, offers amenities and looks professional. All of these will help encourage users to save the listing.

Tweaking Doesn’t Matter

According to Airbnb, changing the listing every day or weekly does not affect search rankings. If the listing has quality photography, accurate descriptions, competitive prices and high reviews, it will organically attract more attention.

Hosts Cannot Buy Placement

In order to provide an impartial view, Airbnb does not allow pay-for-placement options. Instead, follow these tips to help boost listings and appear higher in searches. For added exposure, hosts are welcome to embed their listing link into their websites and blogs and share on social media.

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