Must-do Laguna Beach: 6 Fun Things to Do

Laguna Beach, one of our top California destinations, offers tons of things to do for visitors of all ages. Named one of the Perfect Little California Towns You Should Visit With Family by The Huffington Post, the city maintains its reputation as an artsy beach community and a great place to vacation. While the area has dozens of fun activities, there are some musts to experience first. Get started with this must-do Laguna Beach list.

Must-do Laguna Beach: Top 6 Activities for First-timers

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Walk Around Laguna Beach

The city is known for its love of arts and culture, and public art displays greet visitors at nearly every corner. Rock statues, outdoor artsy furniture, statues and lamppost banner originals are just a few examples of what to see. Laguna Beach Walks has free maps, so guests can take self-guided walking tours at their own pace.

See a Show

Theater fans should catch a show at one of three live performance venues. Gallimaufry, The Laguna Playhouse and No Square Theater feature their own lineups, and many shows are affordable and family-friendly. The city also offers dozens of art festivals, galleries and workshops to create masterpieces.

Take a Hike

Walking area beaches ranks as a must, but try hiking at Alta Laguna Park. Highly rated by visitors, the park offers top of the world views of the Pacific Ocean and trails for all skill levels. Park anywhere and pick a trail. Need more options? The city has more than 20,000 acres of wilderness for hiking, mountain biking and sightseeing. Other popular options include Barbara’s Lake Loop Trail and Thousand Steps Beach.

Beaches, Laguna Beach

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Get in the Water

Ever been snorkeling? Try Laguna Beach. What about dive lessons or surfing? With nearly 8 miles of beaches, the city has 30 beach spots, many with water recreation opportunities. For those who would rather relax, visit Heiler Park, which features tide pools, gardens and lawn bowling greens. Guided kayak tours provide another way to enjoy the water and marine life.

Shop Forest Avenue

Small boutiques, many owned by Laguna Beach residents, feature gifts, specialty items, clothes, accessories, handmade jewelry, home furnishings and more. Pick up that perfect souvenir, or buy something unique for someone special. Shop local to support small businesses and show love for Laguna Beach.

Stay Up Late

Laguna Beach features a hoppin’ nightlife scene, and many restaurants stay open late. Clubs, bars and live music keep the fun going well into the night. Yelp reviewers rave about Nick’s Laguna Beach, a family-friendly spot with amazing food and views.

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