10 Top Gifts for Travelers: 2015 Holiday Edition

With millions of travelers hitting the roads and skies each year, travel gifts serve their purpose year round. Every year brings a new selection of products and gadgets that make travel easier, more convenient and fun. These gifts truly keep giving. Know someone who travels for business or an extended family who explores the world together? If so, check out these gifts for travelers. These are just a few of our favorites.

Top 10 Gifts for Travelers: Must-haves for 2015

gifts for travelers 2015 holiday

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Bag Bungee

This gadget allows travelers to quickly and securely strap together two bags (or a purse or laptop to a carry-on), keeping one hand free. Bag Bungee adjusts to keep the two bags securely joined, so they don’t have to worry about the upper bag flopping around, falling off, or being left behind. Price average: $15

A Quality Backpack

Packing light is one way to reduce stress and practice more eco-friendly travel habits. A sturdy backpack allows travelers to keep everything close and reduce bag-fee costs. Backpacks are also an alternative to laptop bags, and passengers can easily organize essentials. Top sellers include Northface and Tortuga, which both offer a variety of styles and sizes. Price average: $100-$200

USB Travel Shaver

Perfect for guys, this slim and light-weight shaver fits comfortably in a shirt pocket. USB travel shavers are the size of a smartphone and can be charged using a standard USB port. This gift is perfect for business travelers or men who don’t have time for a traditional shave. Price average: $15-$30

Collapsible Water Bottle

Eco-friendly and BPA-free, fold this spouted water bottle flat and pack it in a purse, bag or pocket. A collapsible water bottle reduces waste, saves money and keeps travelers hydrated.

Another gift for travelers is the SteriPEN water purifier. The stick fits commercial water bottles, providing safe drinking water. Perfect for nature lovers, LifeStraw allows them to safely drink from natural water sources. Price average (water bottle): $5-$20; Price average (purifier): $30-$50

Portable Internet

Travelers need to stay connected. A mobile hot spot device provides connectivity and Internet access wherever they travel. Many portable Internet devices allow up to five devices, including tablets, laptops and phones. Most cellphone companies offer services with or without contracts. Price average: $40-$50

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Thermal and Waterproof Socks

Accidentally stepping into a puddle annoys most travelers, so help keep feet dry and warm with special socks. From no-show to knee-highs, there are lots of colors and styles available. Popular brands include Columbia, Dickies, Dahlgren and Nordic. These socks can be found in most outdoor apparel and department stores. Price average: $10-$20

Travel Adapter

This gadget is perfect for international travelers. The adapter plugs into an electric source and converts to your needed power source. These can be used for small appliances, charging/using electronics and allows you to adapt to multiple countries’ power sources. You can purchase a single adapter or a multipack. Price average: $10-$30

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Noise-reduction Headphones

Over the last few years, headphones have made major strides in technology. Whether sitting in an office or on a plane most days, these are an ideal gift. Users can work, listen to music or podcasts, and cut out background noise. Prices and styles vary depending on quality and comfortability. Shoppers can even find custom sets. Price range: $30-$200


Tablets have become more affordable over the years, and offer travelers a convenient way to work and enjoy entertainment. These small devices pack a big punch. Many have more than 8 gigs of memory, accessories – such as attachable keyboards – and cameras. Travelers can carry their favorite books with them, read emails, stream digital entertainment and more. Price average: $60-$100


This handy case fits iPads and Kindles, and keeps travel essentials in one place. This leather portfolio has special pockets to hold cash, credit cards, passports, tickets and a tablet. Available in a variety of colors, WanderFolio can replace a purse or wallet when traveling, and also fits comfortably in a carry-on. Price range: $25-$100

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