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Sarasota Seafood and Music Festival Offers Early Taste of Summer

Many people flock to Sarasota in the summer to spend time on beaches and try new activities. However, in the winter things heat up at the Sarasota Seafood and Music Festival. This annual event takes place in January, welcoming snow birds and short-term visitors the chance to escape the cold. Perfect for a quick trip […]

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Florida Beaches for Every Mood: 8 Vacation Hot Spots

With over 1,000 miles of beautiful coastline, Florida offers different kinds of beach vacations. Romantic couple’s trips, family reunions, quiet getaways spring break blow-outs, simple beach life and uber chic — Florida has a beach to match every mood. In fact, the state welcomed a record-breaking 88 million travelers in 2017 alone. Read on to […]

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Don’t Miss Florida Stone Crab Season for Local Delicacies

Florida stone crabs rank as one of the Sunshine State’s great delicacies. Some people schedule their vacations during the season, so they can enjoy these succulent crustaceans. Lesser known than their king crab cousins, stone crabs are found along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts in the U.S. With small bodies ranging 5 to 6 inches […]

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Best U.S. Beaches for a Winter Vacation 2012

Snowstorms rage over the Rockies. Temperatures take a nose dive in the Midwest. New Englanders bundle up and southerners get ready for rain. That’s right: Winter has arrived, and people in chilly northern states may dream of warm breezes and sun-kissed beaches. There’s nothing like a healthy dose of sunshine to chase away the winter […]

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Sarasota Fall Vacation: Why to Visit, Things to Do and Festivals

With school back in session, families need a break. And autumn provides a perfect time to gather gear, pack up the car and visit the beach. One top spot for quick retreats, Sarasota features uncrowded beaches, small-town life in Siesta Key and Venice, and lots of local festivals. This period of calm between the summer […]

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Sarasota Outdoor Wedding Overview to Help With Your Special Day

Imagine standing on a pristine white sand beach exchanging vows with a special someone. Above, the sun paints the sky with bright light or the sunset provides soft hues of rose and gold. These are just a couple of reasons why couples enjoy getting married in Sarasota. In addition, the city has also earned top […]

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5 Siesta Key Outdoor Attractions: Connect With Nature, Local Culture

Siesta Key is located on the Gulf of Mexico across the bay from Sarasota, Florida. Its white sand and clear waters have helped the beach rank among America’s best beaches, according to TripAdvisor. In addition, the area houses several nearby attractions that represent Florida’s diverse ecosystem and wildlife. So, grab the sunglasses and check out […]

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Best Kids Activities in Siesta Key, Florida: 6 Ideas for Families

Kids have an amazing appetite for fun, and Siesta Key delivers just that. Siesta Key offers a cornucopia of exciting family activities for children of all ages. The award-winning beach ranks the top attraction in Siesta Key. However, this beautiful barrier island — just 8 miles off the coast of Sarasota — also offers plenty […]