8 Orlando Amusement Parks Survival Tips

A trip to Orlando amusement parks, such as Disney World and Universal Studios, make fantasy vacation dreams come true, but large crowds, long lines, and high temperatures can sometimes frustrate visitors, especially young children. That’s why we rounded up these Orlando amusement parks survival tips, so families can reduce stress and have a more enjoyable experience.

Orlando Amusement Parks Survival Tips

orlando amusement parks survival tips

Step 1: Planning

Pick the Time of Year

High-traffic times in the spring and summer will have more crowds and longer lines. Orlando’s mild climate provides sunny skies and warm weather, even in the off-season. Fall and early winter vacationers will find highs in the 80s and lows in the 60s, while winter guests can enjoy highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s. Booking an Orlando vacation in the off-season can also save money as travel and accommodation prices are usually lower.

Consider a Vacation Rental

Due to large crowds and lines, amusement parks can feel a bit tight. Book a vacation rental instead of a hotel to ensure the whole family has plenty of space to spread out. Instead of cramming everyone into a room, a vacation home provides each family member a place to recoup after a long day of thrill rides and park food. The whole family will sleep better, have more privacy and wake up each day ready to go to the next amusement park.

Find Deals

Saving money is always on Orlando amusement parks survival tips lists. Take some time to search for admission and restaurant deals. Several websites offer deals on area attractions, water parks, dinner shows and more. Also, make sure to buy tickets online and print them at home to avoid standing in admission lines. By doing this, families will save money and reduce entrance wait times.

Pack a Backpack or Two

Rain showers are common in Orlando, and spring and summer temperatures can reach well into the 90s. In order to stay comfortable, pack necessities in backpacks. Pack them with snacks, plenty of water, rain ponchos, sunscreen and battery-operated misting fans. Backpacks are an easy way to carry everything needed; however guests should limit the amount of personal items they bring to the parks. Try to keep identification and credit cards on you at all times because backpacks must be stowed when riding roller coasters.

orlando amusement parks survival tips

Step 2: After Arrival

Dress Comfortably

Among the important Orlando amusement parks survival tips, wearing comfortable clothes and shoes are a must. If visiting during popular spring and summer months, choose light colored and breathable fabrics, such as cotton. Those visiting in the off-season should wear the same and a light jacket. Families will also want to pack their comfortable shoes or sandals, hats, and sunglasses.

Eat Breakfast Before You Leave

Save time and money by eating breakfast in your vacation rental before you leave for the park. Having a healthy breakfast with protein will give everyone the energy and fuel they need to play all morning. Snacks will also keep everyone occupied until dinner, when families can splurge at the park or try a new Orlando restaurant.

Plan to Get There Early

There’s no secret time to arrive at Orlando amusement parks, as these are some of the most visited in the world. Some experts say to arrive early, head to the back of the park and make your way to the front. Others recommend starting at the front and making way to the back. Either can work for families; just make sure to arrive as early as possible.

Have Patience and Flexibility

As with any vacation, things will come up, so having patience and flexibility will keep everyone calm and cool. Take breaks from the park to snap pictures, rest, ride indoor attractions and eat ice cream. Also, try planning which rides are musts and which ones are not. Having a ride plan will help prioritize, ensure everyone rides their favorite and avoid theme-park overload. Inside tip: Ride a couple of roller coasters during the fireworks show. The lines are shorter, and the whole family will get a bird’s-eye look at the show.

Start planning your Orlando vacation today and find a rental for your group!