How to Take Great Vacation Photos

Vacations are full of memorable moments. But how many times have you scrolled through vacation pictures trying in vain to find one or two great shots of the family to post on Facebook or share on Instagram. If your crew is like most families, it’s tough to find pictures where everyone is smiling and in focus. There always seems to be someone in the group whose eyes are closed or whose features are blurred because they moved just as you clicked the shutter.

Vacation photos capture the magical moments of family togetherness we want to remember whether it’s you and the kids romping in the surf outside your Myrtle Beach vacation rental or the whole family setting off from your Gatlinburg cabin rental for a bike ride through Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Years from now those snapshots will bring memories of those happy times together flooding back.

Myrtle Beach vacation destination

To make sure you return from your next vacation with plenty of great snapshots, follow these tips for creating memorable family photos:

  1. To avoid squinty faces, take photos in the morning or late afternoon. For photos during the sunniest part of the day, search out slightly shady spots for photo ops.
  2. When photographing groups with kids, set up the shot and adjust your settings before you call the children over. Keep it fun and shoot quickly.
  3. For shots that look spontaneous instead of posed, get the group moving. Dancing or jumping usually leads to laughing and some great photos.
  4. To guarantee natural smiles, ask everyone to repeat a short nonsense phrase.
  5. Ask everyone to remove hats and sunglasses so you can see their eyes.
  6. Be prepared; carry extra camera batteries and a memory card.

Great vacation photos start with great vacation destinations. On you’ll find affordably-priced, first-class vacation rentals at America’s most popular vacation destinations. Don’t forget your camera!