Best Myrtle Beach BBQ Restaurants

Southern barbecue has a well-deserved reputation for succulent, finger-lickin’ flavor. Whether you’re a fan of dry-rubbed barbecue or prefer your ribs marinated and slathered with a sweet, spicy sauce, there’s no denying the mouth-watering appeal of meat slow-roasted over smoky wood fires.

You’ll find good barbecue throughout the South, but the Carolinas are as well known for their tasty pulled-pork sandwiches, barbecued pork ribs and smoked beef brisket. A favorite of barbecue aficionados, Carolina-style barbecue features pork basted and smothered in thin, tangy, vinegar-based sauces seasoned with carefully guarded proprietary blends of salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, red pepper, onion powder, garlic, nutmeg, molasses, whiskey and brown sugar. There are distinctions between North and South Carolina recipes. In the North, barbecue masters occasionally add a touch of tomato to their sauces. In the South, mustard, a heritage of early German colonists, is the distinguishing ingredient.

If you’re planning a Myrtle Beach vacation, make time to sample a few of Myrtle Beach’s best barbecue restaurants:

  1. Carolina Roadhouse, 4617 N. Kings Highway, offers a full menu of American fare, but “fall-off-the-bone” baby back ribs are their specialty.
  2. Sticky Fingers Smokehouse, 2461 Coastal Grand Circle, comes by its name honestly. Award-winning ribs, wings, pulled pork and beef brisket dominate the menu.
  3. Little Pigs Barbeque, 6102 Frontage Rd., may be budget-priced; but the barbecue is first rate. This is a great spot to eat with kids.

After trying out some of the local BBQ joints, pick up some pork and seasonings and experiment with creating your own signature barbeque sauce. The well-equipped kitchens in’s beautiful Myrtle Beach vacation rentals make it easy to experiment with different spice combinations and create your own version of Carolina barbecue. In between trips to the beach and family outings to see the sights, your family will probably be only too happy to serve as test subjects!