Best Beaches Around the World According to Travel Experts

There’s no better way to celebrate summer than to round-up the world’s best beaches. Whether you want to relax on the warm sand or dive deep into the water, the best beaches always prove something special: unforgettable.

We asked travel experts around the world to name their favorite beaches, and the results define wanderlust. Read their picks for the best beaches around the world and imagine yourself there:

Best Beaches in the U.S.

best beaches melbourne fl

Photo: iTrip Vacations

Melbourne Beach, FL

My favorite beach in the U.S. is Juan Ponce de León Landing in Melbourne Beach, Florida, Brevard County. It is one of the few beaches where you can still feel the quiet presence of wildlife and nature. As you sit at by shoreline, you can see dancing dolphins and other sea life reminding you how amazing and beautiful life is.
Carmen M. Perez, Lifestyle Expert and Expert Business Marketing Strategist, EffortlessLivingOnline

best beaches san clemente itrip


The Hole, San Clemente, CA

I gotta go with The Hole in San Clemente, CA. It’s the beach I grew up on. Unlike neighboring T-Street, The Hole is rarely crowded, and the people who are there are probably from your high school class. The water is super clean, not too cold, and there’s decent surf too. Oh and the view! It’s below some awesome beach cliffs, so you get amazing vistas from above and below. There’s nowhere like my hometown beach.
Shaun, Food and Tour Expert, Da Nang Food Tour

best beaches second beach wa

Photo: Live, Dream, Discover

Second Beach, Olympic Peninsula of Washington

Our favorite U.S. beach is not one that first comes to mind for most people … which is partly why we love it. Second Beach on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington is not a palm fringed, bronzed bodies, ice cream vendor type of beach. It’s more of an unembellished natural beauty that emerges from the evergreens that give this state its nickname.

You have to work a bit to earn a glimpse of this beauty since access is by a trail through the forest. Your efforts will be well rewarded by an often near empty stretch of soft golden sand, tidal pools for exploring and a picturesque seascape dotted with seastacks.
Sarah, Travel and Wellness Expert, Live, Dream, Discover

Best Beaches Overseas

best beaches Loch Ard Gorge

Photo: Toby & Tamar

Loch Ard Gorge, Australia

Not your average paradise beach with white sand and turquoise water, Loch Ard Gorge stands out for different reasons. This small beach is located in Victoria, Australia, along the scenic Great Ocean Road.

Steep stairs down the cliff lead you to a small beach where you will find yourself surrounded by immense walls of beautifully coloured limestone, yellow sand between your toes and a small bay in front of you. The colour of the crystal clear water can change from clear blue to dark and grey, mirroring the sky. A spectacular and truly unique sight! See the video.
Toby and Tamar, Food and Travel Experts, Toby & Tamar

best beaches Shoal Bay Anguilla

Photo: The Barefoot Nomad

Shoal Bay Beach, Caribbean Island of Anguilla

One of my favorite beaches in the world is Shoal Bay Beach on the Caribbean island of Anguilla. Anguilla’s one of the few Caribbean islands remaining where you won’t find crowds of shoulder-to-shoulder sun seekers, even on the most popular of the island’s 33 beaches. During my time there, I would often go for a swim and come out to find that I had the entire white sand beach to myself.
Micki Kosman, Travel Expert, The Barefoot Nomad

best beaches koh tao

Photo: Gamin Traveler

Koh Tao, Thailand

After visiting 80 countries around the world, traveling deep for seven years, I have to say that Koh Tao is the best beach around the world. It’s a perfect place for diving and snorkeling during the day. Ask someone who can drive you in a small boat and get lost in any small beach – perfect day to just be alone or spend with a someone special, away from the hustle of daily life. You can rent a motorbike and explore the island.

Need to just relax? Enjoy the place while sunbathing or siting down and having a smoothie. You can enjoy Thai gastronomy any time of the day at very affordable prices. At night, you can hang out and meet people partying on the beach.
Ruben, Travel Expert, Gamin Traveler

best beaches playa biesanz itrip

Photo: slashvee

Playa Biesanz in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting beaches in various countries, but my favorite beach of all time is Playa Biesanz in Costa Rica. While getting to the actual beach requires a short hike, it’s well worth it. Its somewhat hidden location prevents it from every getting overcrowded, and the crystal-clear waters brought me back several times throughout out my trip.

What’s more, there’s a beach kiosk selling a variety of reasonably priced snacks and food and another offering rentals for all sorts of water sports – everything from beach umbrellas to kayaks to paddle boards. Bring your sunscreen, a change of clothes and a good book, and prepare yourself for the ultimate beach day.”
Sally Elbassir, Travel and Food Expert, Passport & Plates

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