Dig Into the 5 Best Panama City Beach Seafood Restaurants

When it comes to seafood, you have plenty of options when you’re in Panama City Beach. From hole-in-the-wall spots to fine dining, there is something to suit you no matter the mood you’re in. Now, the challenge with Panama City Beach seafood restaurants is boiling down a list to the top five. But each of these are gems that have been cherished for years by locals and visitors alike.

Local’s Pick: 5 Panama City Beach Seafood Restaurants

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The Classic

Capt. Anderson’s has been serving up fresh Panama City Beach seafood with original recipes since 1967. The locals start with the “famous” grilled bay shrimp; these plump, juicy peel-n-eat shrimp are just the thing to order to whet the appetite. When ordering you main course, the soups are delicious, so you can’t go wrong if you are a soup person, but because of the founders (the Petronis brothers), the Greek salad is really a must.

Now, one of our personal favorites are the two Maryland jumbo crab cakes. They make claim to these being the best you’ve ever had, and we’re here to second that! Of course, if you’ve had your fill of crab cakes before and want to try something different, order the charbroiled fish on the Greek-style hearth that is caught fresh.

Aw Shucks

Just across the bridge from the beach, Hunt’s Oyster Bar serves up some of the best oysters in the southeast. In an atmosphere perfect for a local beach spot, it is hard to find a place like Hunts. Surrounded by a sea shell drive, décor such as a boat out front and an eclectic interior, Hunt’s makes you feel as though you just came off of the oyster coat with your crew.

Then to back up the feel of the place, they serve you with some amazingly fresh oysters either raw or prepared in various ways. You can have them baked or steamed, Cajun style, with three cheese, jalapeno or a combo of three-cheese and Cajun – which are our favorite. If you like the heat, go ahead and add the jalapenos. While the oysters are the show stoppers, Hunt’s has a full menu of other items and seafood that make the trip worthwhile as well.

panama city beach seafood restaurants itrip

Eatin’ on the Dock of the Bay

Situated in a boat slip at St. Andrews Marina, Just the Cook serves up some unique pairings with a friendly staff and free beer of all things! The shrimp tortuga is simply delicious, and the crab cake sandwich is an interesting twist on a classic. The menu is short, but what they lack in quantity, they make up for in quality. Some items of note though, since it is in a marina be cognizant of the weather as you eat on the dock. While the beer is free, sodas are not. Lastly, if you are a soldier or veteran, they give you a pretty good discount too, since the owner is a Marine.

The Last Local Beach Club

Boasting one of the best atmospheres in Panama City Beach with direct beach access and gorgeous views. Schooners has some extremely fresh seafood that the chefs buy from local captains every morning. The menu has a great mix for almost any appetite, but the locals know the daily specials is where it’s at. This is where the chefs get to put their heart into what they create with a mostly Southern twist. The menu is simple but very good.

The Dining Experience

One of the newer places in Panama City Beach, Firefly makes a big impact on anyone who steps foot inside. From the she-crab soup to sushi, the snapper and so much more, it is apparent this place has some of the best food on Panama City Beach. Not only does this place have an amazing lineup of cuisine, the layout of the restaurant and theme are hard to find elsewhere. It’s clear the owners set out not only to create great food, but a dining experience to be remembered.

Great seafood and Panama City Beach go hand-in-hand together. The town boasts some of the best dishes around with some of the best atmospheres. All the more reason to stay a while at a Panama City Beach vacation rental to make sure you are able to visit these great spots and more. Of course, if you’re looking for a more permanent stay, visit our friends at Latitudes Realty for Panama City Beach condos.

About the Author: Brooke Newell was born and raised in Panama City Beach, FL, an experience for which she is grateful and will never forget. Brooke attended the University of Florida in Gainesville and currently works with her team at Latitude’s Realty to help others achieve their real estate ownership dreams.